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Fallston Boys & Girls in Grades K-5, We Want You to Join Cub Scout Pack 899!

Being a Cub Scout means you are a member of a worldwide youth movement that stands for certain values and beliefs. Cub Scouting is more than something to do. It’s all about the person you are and the person you will become.

Cub Scouting is a family-friendly organization devoted to excitement, friendship and fun. Cub Scouts are boys and girls in grades K though 5 who grow through exposure to character and value developing experiences. They also receive recognition for an exciting number of achievements and skills as they progress though the stages and ranks.

13 Reasons to Join Cub Scout Pack 899 in Fallston

Since 1910, the Scouting program has been an educational experience designed to build character, physical fitness, practical skills, and service. These elements were part of the original Cub Scout program and continue to be part of Cub Scouting today.

Character development extends into every aspect of a child’s life, and it also extends into every aspect of Cub Scouting. Pack 899 incorporates Cub Scouting’s 12 core values throughout the program, including activities, achievements, service projects, ceremonies, games, skits and songs.

Our list of 13 reasons to join Cub Scout Pack 899 Fallston includes Scouting’s 12 values, and 1 extra critical component:

  1. Citizenship: Contributing service and showing responsibility to local, state, and national communities.
  2. Compassion: Being kind and considerate, and showing concern for the well-being of others.
  3. Cooperation: Being helpful and working together with others toward a common goal.
  4. Courage: Being brave and doing what is right regardless of our fears, the difficulties, or the consequences.
  5. Faith: Having inner strength and confidence based on our trust in God.
  6. Health and Fitness: Being personally committed to keeping our minds and bodies clean and fit.
  7. Honesty: Telling the truth and being worthy of trust.
  8. Perseverance: Sticking with something and not giving up, even if it is difficult.
  9. Positive Attitude: Being cheerful and setting our minds to look for and find the best in all situations.
  10. Resourcefulness: Using human and other resources to their fullest.
  11. Respect: Showing regard for the worth of something or someone.
  12. Responsibility: Fulfilling our duty to God, country, other people, and ourselves.
  13. Fun: Having fun is often enough, but deeper development occurs when kids have fun. So we make it fun!

Scouts Makes Youth Happy, Healthy and Helpful Citizens

We accept new memberships year-round, and it is easy to sign up.

Each new scout signing up for Pack 899 gets a free Handbook for his rank.


Register online Now.  You’ll also receive a free handbook for your scout’s rank.


Pack dues of $100 are collected in October and cover registration and expenses associated with Pack events, such as the Pinewood Derby, Blue & Gold Banquet, graduation ceremonies and awards.


Scouting is about leadership, and there will always be a need for adult volunteers. Please consider becoming involved in enhancing the experience of your child and other youth.  Download a Boy Scouts of America Adult Application and register by mail.


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